Pokecoins and make them Unlimited 

Poke coins are the currency used in the game Pokémon go.  This is used to purchase poke balls or other features that can help you move up levels in the game by enhancing and training your Pokémon.

Pokecoins, by themselves have to be purchased with real-world money.  Yes, you heard right.  Once you are drawn into the game, you reach a point wherein you need to spend to move higher up in the game.

Looking to go around this aspect.  Who wouldn’t?

But, do bear in mind that the only way you gain pokecoins without spending real hard earned money, is by having to leave a Pokémon to defend a gym.  Seems not so do-able?  Well, then you are going to have to buy a constant supply of unlimited pokecoins.

  • Poke coins, unlimited and some more 

How to hack pokemon go ? Pokémon Go, definitely a revolution in augmented reality games.  Free to download and available to both android as well as iOS devices, this certainly seems like an ideal dream for the gadget freaks as well as the non-gadget freaks.

But, once you delve into the game you realize you need an unending supply of pokecoins.  Without these, progress is hampered.

Mind you, these pokecoins cost quite a bit.  Try looking at the intimidating costing:

Amount of Poke coins Rate ($)
100 $0.99
550 $4.99
1200 $9.99
2500 $19.99
5200 $39.99
14,500 $99.99

What’s more, you use these pokecoins to in turn purchase various features required to catch or train various other Pokémon.  These features include poke balls, incense, lucky eggs etc.

Each of these features requires such large amounts of pokecoins.  For example, in case you desire 20 poke balls, you will have to shell out 100 poke coins.  Or, for that matter, in case you need 25 of the incense, you will have to pay 150 poke coins.

So, most surely, you are going to need a bagful of pokecoins or should we say, bags-full of unlimited poke coins?

  • Unlimited Pokecoins – What for? 

The pseudo reality game, Pokémon Go requires no introduction.  Sure enough, this game requires that you sign-in before your start the game.

The basic premise of the game requires players to step out to go catch Pokémon, using the phone’s GPS and camera.  The farther you go the more number of Pokémon and items you will get.

Once you discover a Pokémon while you are on the hunt, you need to aim at it through your phone’s touch screen and shoot a poke ball to catch it.

The further up you go in the game; you get access to stronger or more powerful balls that increase your chances of capturing Pokémon.  The stronger Pokémon aids you in your quest to complete your pokedex.

To gain these poke balls, you need to use pokecoins. You can acquire pokecoins; either by purchasing it in-app using real world money or by having your Pokémon guard a gym.

Acquiring a poke ball, can use up quite a bit of your collection of poke coins. Hence, be prepared, you are going to need an unlimited supply of poke coins